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Basement City

0riginal. Film. Music. Word. Art. Negative. Glitch.
"You know what the problem of bumping and grinding is? that there’s no space for the holy ghost in between" Basement City disagrees

"Basement//City {Tintype}"  Photography: Sarah England Photography Styling and Gif mutation: Mo West Creations — with M0 of Basement City
Click:// F0110W = G3T S0M3 
Click:// F0110W = G3T S0M3 
GENOCIDALBasement//CityLet’s see if we can note b00st this one higher than it’s bastard twin


Greetings, citizens! 

what language is Qualia sung in?

The answer is in the question.
Qualia are
ineffable; that is, they cannot be communicated, or apprehended by any other means than direct experience.
intrinsic; that is, they are non-relational properties, which do not change depending on the experience’s relation to other things.
private; that is, all interpersonal comparisons of qualia are systematically impossible.